the o shot for women

Why The O Shot For Women Is Gaining Popularity

If you’re looking to put that spark back into your intimate life, you may have come across a treatment called the O shot. This procedure uses the same technology as treatments like vampire facials and even hair restoration – a rejuvenating serum made from your own blood. The O shot for women has gained popularity in the past few years because it’s a quick and natural way to increase sensitivity and pleasure while also reducing genitourinary symptoms like leaking and dryness. Read on to learn more about this procedure.

What Exactly Is An O Shot?

The O Shot, or orgasm shot, is an injection into the vaginal tissue that helps to stimulate rejuvenation of the area. So, what are we injecting? Using your blood from a standard arm draw, we place it in a centrifuge and spin it. This separates and concentrates the part of the blood that contains healing agents like growth factors and platelets. Next, we take this serum and inject it into the (numbed) vaginal tissue where it immediately goes to work. Your body’s own concentrated healing power encourages regeneration of the cells in the area. Over the next few weeks, the tissues begin to improve. This results in more elasticity, tightness, and sensitivity.

What Are The Benefits Of The O Shot For Women?

Because of the way this injection works to stimulate tissue remodeling and rejuvenation, you can experience a wide range of benefits. The most common are:

  • Better sensitivity, more powerful orgasms
  • Tighter skin
  • Increased libido
  • Reduction in leaking or urinary incontinence

What’s more, these benefits can last up to 3 years for some women! This minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment presents a more natural treatment option for women concerned with these issues but who do not want to pursue surgery or pharmaceutical options.

If you’re experiencing unwanted vaginal or urinary symptoms, chances are that an o shot can help. Schedule a consultation with us to discuss this treatment. We will help you determine if you might be a good candidate.

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