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Gynecology Surgery at Spa-V

Offering Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery, Sexual Wellness Services, and Medical Spa Treatments in Louisville, KY

With more than 25 years experience with gynecology surgery as a gynecologist and reconstructive vaginal surgeon, I have had the privilege to learn of the very personal needs of my patients.  Women have a unique awareness of their bodies and increasingly are more concerned with their intimate female aesthetic and sexual function. I developed Spa V to uniquely address these private issues.

Our expanded practice offerings will allow us to continue offering the popular vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, and other gynecology surgery services that we’re known for. And we’re now able to help a more diverse patient base with issues like hair restoration, sagging skin, and age spots.

Our re-opening at our new location allows expanded services with more beauty and wellness treatments available for both women and men.

August Special

Back To School!

  • Come in for filler in your lips or cheeks and enjoy one free area of Dysport.
  • This month, we are waiving the $50 surgical consult fee for any cosmetic gynecological surgeries.
Gynecology Surgery credentials include The Dr. Oz Show, Top Docs, CBS News, and more!

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Lori Warren is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. Spa V offers gynecology surgery options for vaginal enhancement and revitalization with various treatment options. Schedule a very personalized consultation with Dr. Warren and learn how you may benefit from vaginal rejuvenation

Gynecology Surgery from Dr. Lori Warren of Spa-V in Louisville

Our Latest Articles

Stay up to date on medical aesthetics and gynecological news, articles, and information. Learn about the unique and revolutionary services that we offer to patients at Spa-V. Choose an article below to read more or visit our NEWS page to see our full archive of articles.

skin laxity

CO2RE Intima For Vaginal Skin Laxity

July 28, 2022
Many women are uncomfortable talking about intimate health and wellness, and we understand that it’s not always easy to discuss this subject with your medical provider. That’s why we opened Spa V, a place specifically dedicated to helping women feel comfortable and confident in their skin. For issues like vaginal skin laxity, urinary incontinence, or […]
younger looking

Vampire Procedures For Younger Looking Skin

June 30, 2022
Did you know that we can harness the power of your own blood to give you younger looking skin? Yes, that’s right! Your blood contains potent healing agents that can reverse the signs of aging. Because they utilize your blood, these procedures are called “vampire” treatments. But, they aren’t as scary as the name implies.
sculptra injections

Sculptra Restores Lost Facial Volume

May 25, 2022
Did you know that after the age of 20, you produce approximately 1% less collagen each year? That explains why around the mid to late 30s, we start to notice more wrinkles, fine lines, and loss of elasticity. Oftentimes, people choose dermal fillers to help plump the skin and restore the lost volume. However, there […]

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