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The Age-Rewinding Power Of A Non Surgical Face Lift

Did you know that we have incredible non surgical options for reversing the signs of aging and helping you look and feel younger? While most people have heard of common skin improving laser treatments, fillers, and botox, many of our clients haven’t heard of the lifting power of PDO threads. We aren’t exactly sure why this treatment isn’t getting the attention it deserves because it truly provides some of the most impressive non surgical face lift results we’ve ever seen. Let’s delve deeper into this treatment and its benefits.

What Exactly Are PDO Threads?

“PDO” threads stands for “polydioxanone” threads, which are absorbable sutures used in cosmetic non-surgical procedures. In our office, we place these threads under the skin using a small needle in order to lift the skin and smooth away lines. Strategically placing threads creates a lifted, more youthful appearance that can last up to a year!

A Non Surgical Face Lift In Just A Short Office Visit

During the procedure, we use local anesthetic to ensure maximum comfort. Generally, thread placement takes about 35-45 minutes – much faster than a surgical facelift, and with much less risk. Healing from PDO thread placement might include light swelling and bruising which should resolve in 2 weeks or less. This is significantly less downtime than a traditional facelift, not to mention much more affordable.

Long Lasting Benefits

Aside from the initial lift you’ll get from PDO threads, the placement itself triggers your body to start producing more collagen and elastin. In other words, the skin begins improving from the inside out. You’ll notice better skin elasticity over time as the threads themselves dissolve. For best results, we can combine this treatment with other collagen boosting therapies like microneedling and vampire procedures. To learn more about PDO threads or to book your appointment, contact us today!


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