Patient Testimonials

| JoAnn

Dr. Warren has a soft caring approach. She helped me to relax during my O-Shot procedure. Ladies, for whatever reason we may be reluctant to discuss our sexuality, please trust her! I had her perform the O-shot. I’m 57 and knew my sensitivity was lessening, however, I never knew there was an option for women(many for men, right?) This is a very easy procedure and virtually painless after being numb. Your own blood is used and the platelets are injected into the clitoris and G spot of the vagina. Well, I had almost no down time, but WOW amazing sensitivity restored immediately. It continues to enhance easy orgasm and stronger like my youth. I find that I have a better response and more natural lubrication. A gift that keeps on giving…(wink)- worth every penny!! Tell every woman you know!!

| Monica

I underwent surgery for cosmetic vaginal changes with Dr. Warren. I don’t know who was more concerned about my results….me or Dr. Warren. I had a labiaplasty with clitoral hood reduction and a perineoplasty. She even treated skin tags that bothered me around my anus. I didn’t have the “unvieling” with my husband until after my 6 week post-operative visit.  I had a lot of birth trauma and scar tissue involving my perineum after my large episiotomy and she was able correct that and tighten my vagina as well. I also had incontinence and she was able treat me with the laser and help me.

My labia were large and I was so self-concious with my husband. He said he didn’t mind, but I was inhibited sexually because of the way I looked. Needless to say, once I showed him we have been enjoying each other so much more!   Thank you Dr. Warren for taking such special care of me and really listening to my concerns.

| Gabby

I had a labiaplasty procedure with Dr. Warren that changed my life. I was always so self- conscious about my enlarged labia minora and as a college student I am much more confident now that I had the procedure. It was a very personal decision and I am thankful that my parents were supportive.

I did have some pain and swelling the first night of surgery, but was much better even the next day. I felt comfortable telling my girlfriends right after surgery!

| Karen

I was not happy with the how I looked without clothes. I also had concerns with looseness and sex since having my children. I tried the vaginal laser treatment first and did feel much improvement. There was definitely more “moisture” and sensitivity after rejuvenation-my husband noticed as well. Even so, I still felt that I was too “loose.”

When I had my labiaplasty procedure I chose to have a vaginoplasty at the same time. I am almost 50 years old and wanted to reverse the changes that occurred with childbirth. After the surgery, I had discomfort for the first two weeks when sitting for long periods. I am thrilled with the cosmetic results of my labia. That extra skin had bothered since I was very young.

I plan to return to Dr. Warren for labia majora augmentation to help “puff up” the outer labia now that my labia minora do not protrude.

| Lynn

I am a very active 60 years old. I found that my labia would swell and become uncomfortable on long bike rides. I literally had to limit my time on the bike even with the padding in my bike clothes. I decided to have a labiaplasty procedure and although I was not comfortable with sex for several weeks after the procedure it was well worth it. I not only feel great, but look great.

| Angela

I am in my mid 30’s and I the mother of two-both of which I have vaginally. My second baby is just a year and a half old. Whenever I sneeze my 3 year-old daughter asks if I went “pee”. I have mild stress incontinence and I am doing the CO2RE Intima Laser series to help this problem. I also notice some mild leaking with workouts and I am hoping that this treatment will help. I have only had one of the three treatments and I am happy to report that it was painless.

I can already tell that this will help and I look forward to my next two treatments. Also after having babies, I am concerned that my vagina feels bigger and I am looking forward to vaginal tightening with the laser treatments.

| Linda

I am 55 years old and I have had a hysterectomy due fibroids. Intercourse became painful over the last couple of years and I did not want to be on estrogen therapy. I had 3 CO2 laser treatments and my results were phenomenal. The dryness and pain are gone and I feel 30 again. The treatment was quick and did not hurt!

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