The perineum is the area of tissue between the vagina and the rectum. Childbirth can cause tearing and scarring of the perineal tissue. Oftentimes, the healing process of these tears leads to uneven scarring and disfiguration of the perineum. This condition often results in vaginal looseness.
This surgery repairs the damage and resurfaces the tissue in order to return the area to its pre-pregnancy state.

When delivering a baby this area is supported to help prevent tearing. If an episiotomy is made or a laceration occurs this is the area that is involved. The perineoplasty procedure helps to remove scar tissue, excise loose tissue and skin tags. It can help to build up the perineal body by suturing the muscles beneath the skin in order to give a tighter feeling to the vaginal opening. This does not strengthen the entire vaginal length and in order to achieve the desired amount of vaginal tightening, a vaginoplasty along with the perineoplasty may be a better procedure.