I got the O Shot!

I have been providing the O-shot to my Spa V Patients for over 2 years and I finally got the O-shot! Just last weekend I visited Dr. Charles Runels and his team in Fairhope , Alabama. I worked with other providers to learn his technique for the different Vampire treatments.

The Vampire facelift and facial, the vampire breast lift, the Priapus Shot and the O-Shot. We also trained on hair restoration injections using PRP and we learned the best techniques.

Dr. Runels, who invented the Vampire facelift did my facelift injections and the other doctors provided my O-shot. (Dr. Alex Runnels from San Antonio, Tx.). Overall it was a very positive experience and I had very little to no pain during both procedures.  

I am so proud to be one of Dr. Runels providers and I am anxious to see the results over the next months.   No down time with either procedure!  And I feel great!

Dr. Lori Warren