Hair Restoration

Combining micro needling, Biotin, PRP and Amniotic Fluid Treatment to Regenerate Hair Growth

Vampire (PRP) with AmDrop™ Treatment for Hair Loss

PRP hair treatment is an effective and proven treatment for hair loss.  The PRP containing a high concentration of platelets is injected into areas of the scalp that show hair thinning. This stimulates hair growth by encouraging the rejuvenation of follicles and extending the growth cycle of the hair.

At Spa V we use PRP and biotin combined with Amniotic fluid and micro-needling of the scalp for the best results. 

All-In-One Solution: PRP Plus Amniotic Fluid at a Fraction of the Cost

The AmDrop™ Restore Hair Restoration Kit, represents the frontier in regenerative therapy to combat hair loss combining world-class AmDrop™ Human Amniotic Fluid with the latest custom PRP procedure.

PRP Plus Amniotic Fluid

While PRP and Amniotic Fluid both contain cellular building-blocks, rich in cytokines and other growth factors, Amniotic Fluid contains roughly 10 times the growth factors of standard PRP, making it an ideal addition to PRP regenerative procedures. The AmDropTM Restore Kit contains all the essentials you need including a PRP tube infused with Biotin to further promote hair growth.

Regenerative Therapy is the Future!

The latest PRP plus AmDropTM Solution is currently exploding in the regenerative medicine space including sexual rejuvenation, facial rejuvenation and other conditions. PRP and AmDrop amniotic fluid treatments are part of a larger body of medical research and leading edge therapies that have proven effective in repairing, restoring and strengthening human cells and structures.

Multiple Potent Growth Factors for Cell Growth and Proliferation Including:

Epidermal Growth Factor

Turns hair follicle cells back on and kicks them into a proliferation state where they active and produce hair.

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor

Stimulates regeneration of the blood delivery system of the scalp for revascularization and angiogenesis.

Platelet Derived Growth Factor

Responsible for blood vessel formation, or angiogenesis and cell differentiation

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