I got the O Shot!

I have been providing the O-shot to my Spa V Patients for over 2 years and I finally got the O-shot! Just last weekend I visited Dr. Charles Runels and his team in Fairhope , Alabama. I worked with other providers to learn his technique for the different Vampire treatments. The Vampire facelift and facial, […]

Am I Obese?

Am I Obese? By Dr. Lori Warren I have been truly amazed by how many women who are considered overweight or obese based on their BMI.  In my gynecology practice it is part of every patients record to have a BMI measurement based on height and weight. It is alarming how many women fall into […]

Stay Young Forever: the importance of the Gut Microbiome

By Dr Lori Warren Since I graduated from medical school in the late1980s,  some of the most important medical breakthroughs involve the research about the gut microbiome and how important it is to our ultimate health and aging process. I have learned that Alzheimer’s disease can largely be prevented through eating a healthy diet and […]

Dr. Lori Warren Featured in The Voice-Tribune

On October 4, 2017 Dr. Lori Warren was featuring in The Voice-Tribune in an article titled “But the Good News Is…” Click here to read the article focused on the latest in women’s health.

Kase Wickman on Her Trip to the Gynecologist

On February 16, Kase Wickman of the New York Post posted an article titled, “My day at the designer vagina showcase.”  This article was written about Kase’s trip to Dr. Amir Marashi’s vaginal clinic in Brooklyn.  This is a good article to read for anyone considering visit a Gynecologist, as it thoroughly describes what to […]

The surgery trend you won’t believe

So, you want to take up cycling and there are a few things you need to shop for before you hit the road. Helmet, reflective jacket, padlock… oh, and a new vagina. No, we didn’t just type “vagina” by mistake – this is an actual thing that rising numbers of women are doing: having surgery on their lady bits to make cycling more comfortable.

Yup, Laser Vaginal Tightening Is a Thing. Here’s What It’s All About

It’s no secret that having a baby can stretch things out below the belt. And, according to Khloe Kardashian, her sisters have found a nonsurgical way to tighten it back up.

“My sisters, they’ve had kids, and there’s a vagina lasering thing to tighten,” she said on a recent episode of Kocktails With Khloe. “So in my household, all they do is talk about this vagina laser. It’s like their discussion back and forth.”

5 Things You Need To Know About Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery

A recent New York Times piece revealed some eyebrow-raising information: More and more teenage girls are looking to get cosmetic surgery to reshape their labia (sometimes known as vaginal rejuvenation).

Julie Strickland, MD, MPH the chair of ACOG’s Adolescent Health Care Committee and lead author of the Committee Opinion, told that adolescents may be under particular stress to conform to societal conceptions of the “ideal” body, and size and shape of the labia in particular may be particularly distressing to adolescents. She advises, “Labiaplasty is not a minor procedure. And, as with any surgery, there is a risk of serious complications like pain, painful scarring, infection, etc. Also, we have no long-term data about delayed complications when these procedures are done in adolescents. Furthermore, the effects on sexual functioning are completely unknown.”

Women are getting labiaplasty to look good in their yoga pants

Before Veronica R. went under the knife for a labiaplasty procedure, the 28-year-old Manhattanite joked around with plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Swift about the anticipated results.

“Make me look like Barbie!” she told him, with a laugh.

The striking model, who asked for her last name not to be used for professional reasons, underwent the surgery in September, because she was self-conscious about the size of the labia minora (inner lips) of her vagina.