Our Team

Kelly Duggins

Kelly Duggins is an experienced Administrative Assistant at SpaV Medical Spa, bringing five years of expertise in medical office administration. With a strong background in coordinating MedSpa operations, she excels in customer service and treatment recommendations. Kelly possesses extensive knowledge of regenerative medicine, specifically PRP, cosmetic gynecology, and facial treatments. As an integral part of the SpaV team, her contributions are invaluable.

Alanna Vickers, RN

Alanna Vickers, RN, brings over 25 years of invaluable experience in nursing, specializing in home health services and direct patient care. Her extensive background has honed her skills, making her a versatile and dedicated healthcare professional. Alanna is deeply passionate about aesthetics and women’s health, embodying a commitment to enhancing the well-being of her patients.

Currently serving as SpaV’s Clinical Nursing Coordinator, Alanna is a pivotal member of the team. Her expertise extends to various aspects of patient care, including surgical assistance, scheduling, and acting as a trusted patient liaison. In the realm of aesthetics, she excels in evaluating facial aesthetics, administering cellulite treatments, and providing support for vaginal rejuvenation procedures.

Alanna’s career is marked by a compassionate approach to nursing, where her patients’ comfort and satisfaction remain at the forefront. With a wealth of knowledge and a diverse skill set, she continues to make meaningful contributions to the field of healthcare, embodying the spirit of excellence in every aspect of her work.

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