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Vampire Procedures For Younger Looking Skin

Did you know that we can harness the power of your own blood to give you younger looking skin? Yes, that’s right! Your blood contains potent healing agents that can reverse the signs of aging. Because they utilize your blood, these procedures are called “vampire” treatments. But, they aren’t as scary as the name implies.

What Is A “Vampire” Procedure?

This type of procedure features a key ingredient – a serum made from your blood containing the growth and repair compounds your body uses to heal. When we isolate this serum in a centrifuge, we are then able to use it in different types of treatments to increase your production of collagen, elastin, and other skin boosting components. Overall, vampire procedures are easy, minimally invasive, and effective. We simply draw a small amount of blood from your arm, process it, and inject it into the skin. Because it’s a naturally occurring substance in the body, it’s readily accepted. Plus, it can be used nearly anywhere on the body.

A Must Try For Younger Looking Skin

For anyone looking to reverse the signs of aging, vampire procedures are a go-to treatment. We utilize this type of procedure as a foundation for facial rejuvenation, hair re-growth, soft tissue enhancement, and more. We typically recommend one of the following options for younger looking skin:

  • Vampire Facial – Microneedling with the Hydra Needle 20, we deliver your blood derived serum into the skin with tiny needles, stimulating collagen and elastin.
  • Vampire Facelift – A combination of dermal fillers and your blood derived serum. The fillers offer a visible improvement in volume and shape right away, while the serum works to slowly over time to enhance the effects.

Our clients love the results from a more natural approach to restoring a youthful appearance. To learn more about vampire procedures, contact us today for a consultation. We are happy to discuss your skin concerns and help you decide if one of these treatments would be right for you.

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