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The Top Reasons for Hymenoplasty (and what to expect)

Hymenoplasty is a cosmetic fix for women who may wish to repair or reconstruct their hymen. This procedure is performed to make the patient appear virginal. At Spa-V of Louisville, KY – our patient’s reasons for seeking this procedure are varied, and may be physical, cultural or psychological. Here are some of the most common reasons that patients have chosen to electively have Dr. Warren perform a hymenoplasty in Louisville.

  • Reclaim control: In the extremely unfortunate case of a sexual assault, a woman is understandably left with traumatic psychological issues. The patient may feel that she was robbed of not only her innocence, but the opportunity to present the virginal gift of an intact hymen to the person of her choice. Hymenoplasty may not only offer the physical restoration she seeks, but may also supply some psychological comfort and healing as well.
  • Bury the past: Sexual curiosity and experimentation are a natural part of human development processes, especially during adolescence when hormonal changes and surges occur. Peer pressure can often compel a young girl to succumb to sexual activity before she’s mentally prepared for the emotional impact associated with this level of physical intimacy. As she matures, she may feel regretful that she indulged such curiosity too early or too often, and may seek to bury evidence of what she might, in retrospect, view as promiscuity or bad judgment. Revirginization may psychologically allow her to turn back the clock and start over.
  • Cultural beliefs: Because the presence of an intact hymen is still important in many cultures, a woman may want to provide this indication of purity to her spouse for their upcoming nuptials.
  • A gift: Many women who have already been sexually active may wish to give their partner a virginal experience, whether it be as a surprise, for a special occasion, or on their wedding night.
  • Accidental rupture or tearing: For some women, penetration of the hymen via bicycle or horseback rides, slipping on ice, or tampon insertion is simply not acceptable and they opt for hymenoplasty to reverse the unintentional damage that was inflicted.
  • Enhancement of sexual pleasure: After childbirth, the vaginal muscles may weaken. Flaccidity also occurs over time with age. In addition to reparation of the hymen ring, hymenoplasty in louisville from Dr. Warren also tightens these muscles, giving the added benefit of a more sensually stimulating sexual experience.
  • Imperforate hymen: This is a condition where the entire vaginal opening is covered by the hymen. It is not usually discovered until a young girl enters into puberty and her menstrual flow is blocked. The hymenoplastic procedure to correct this is called hymenotomy, and a small hole is made in the membrane to allow blood flow.
  • Septate hymen: The hymenal tissue is split into what looks like rope-like bands. They resemble tonsils that are connected at both ends, and may impede tampon use or penile penetration. This is also corrected by hymenotomy. A septate hymen can also refer to a very thick or rigid hymen, like the almost bulletproof one of romantic lore mentioned earlier, and may require surgical penetration.
  • Microperforate hymen: This is similar to an imperforate hymen and is corrected in the same manner. A microperforate hymen has a small opening only adequate enough to permit menstrual flow. It does not usually present a problem or require enlargement unless a female wishes to use tampons.

What Happens During Hymenoplasty in Louisville at Spa-V?

Hymenoplasty is usually a simple out-patient procedure that can be done in our clinic with IV sedation and local anesthesia. Any torn skin around the edges of the hymen is gently and neatly cut away, after which the remaining tissue is stitched together, leaving a small opening. This restores the hymenal ring to a normal size and shape.

You can learn more about hymenoplasty options in a consult with Dr. Warren at Spa-V in Louisville, KY. CLICK HERE to get in touch and connect with her today.

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