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Perineoplasty For Scar Tissue

For many women, cosmetic gynecological surgery is still a relatively unknown topic. Unfortunately, it’s common for women to suffer in silence regarding sexual health because of shame or embarrassment. In addition, you may have experienced a medical provider dismissing your issues as “normal” or “a part of aging.” At Spa V, we take all of your intimate concerns seriously. Whether you’ve noticed changes since childbirth or while going through menopause, we can assure you that you aren’t alone – and that there is help. One of the procedures we offer is surgical perineoplasty. It can provide many benefits, one of which is the revision of scar tissue. Let’s talk more about it, and why you might choose this surgery.

What Is A Perineoplasty?

This surgical procedure involves repairing and/or restoring the perineum tissue – the area between the vagina and the rectum. It is primarily used to tighten the opening of the vagina and to repair the aesthetic of the perineum, but it may also be used to manage certain conditions like dyspareunia or small vaginal introitus.

The Repair Of Scar Tissue

If you’ve ever had a baby, you’re likely familiar with the perineum. Tears or episiotomies (an incision to make the vaginal opening larger for delivery) are fairly common. After delivery, these tears or incisions are stitched up which can leave scar tissue or damage. In many cases, women don’t notice for a while as they are healing overall from childbirth. Eventually they may realize that the scar didn’t heal well. It may have left the area with loose skin, uneven scarring, or the feeling of being too loose. In addition, woman may report both pain and decreased sensation during sexual intercourse. What’s more, these issues can tend to worsen with age as hormonal changes start to cause laxity in tissues all over the body. A perineoplasty can be helpful in these cases to revise the scar and restore a normal appearance and size to the vaginal opening.

If you are struggling with your episiotomy or tear scar and think you might benefit from this procedure, please schedule a consultation with us.

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